Dress or Shirt πŸ˜Š

Shirt is something Β that we borrow from men and enter in our wardarobe creating stylish outfits …

We feel comfartable, ethereal and sexy in the same time. Take a look…πŸ˜‰tumblr_n81txzZiYM1sp1jbao1_1280tumblr_m2lqjh5pgV1rn0r79o1_500tumblr_m0n6h1xzcr1qarfpyo1_1280tumblr_lvwldnHDJ51qdmqqro1_500tumblr_n9xxcmkEVv1qgngcgo1_1280tumblr_na7lttPksn1tfiy6co1_1280tumblr_mmxpqmvXEF1s4v11ko1_1280tumblr_n53mthsrmA1sjzv9go1_500tumblr_na5lnbDxkR1qeh0ujo1_500tumblr_mj3md7g55F1qjm0f1o1_1280tumblr_n8g0vyaIRo1tvlb0ao1_1280





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